The most immersive and comprehensive Japanese language learning JRPG ever.

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Shujinkou Rice Games Japanese Language Learning RPG
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Update! September 2021

Our official website has launched! Please check it out below!, or here!

Update! August 2020

Our second trailer has been released! Feedback has been amazing, and we have more drive than ever before to make great strides of progress. With a tentative launch sometime in 2021, we will be focusing on developing more content soon!. Check out the trailer below:

Update! September 2020

We've released a Gameplay Trailer! This trailer goes over some of the core components of the overarching Labyrinth system. We look forward to bringing more content to you in the coming months, so please look forward to our subsequent gameplay trailers! Check out the trailer below:

We can only expand - wait and see what Rice Games has to offer in 2022.