A young and expanding virtual team of talented game developers


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Meet the Team

The team currently consists of young, talented individuals from around the world. Because this is a virtual team, one can be based anywhere around the world!

Julian Rice
Lead Programmer

Julian is a partner and programming instructor at SuperCoding, and is developing many projects outside of his coursework at UCLA. He is currently studying Linguistics, Computer Science, Japanese, and Entrepreneurship, and makes music when he isn't overloaded. He is an avid fan of Mario and JRPGs such as the Shin Megami Tensei, Fire Emblem, and Etrian Odyssey series, and has wanted to make games since the age of 10.

Aren Taylan

Aren is a programmer and game modder who is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. He has written C++ scripts for Ocarina of Time that deal with hex memory, is experienced with Unity, and is part of his university’s Student Game Developer Association. Aren loves Cave Story, Majora’s Mask, and enjoys speedrunning games.

Jonas Müller
Environment Artist

Jonas is a skilled artist who enjoys designing environments, characters, and props. He is currently a third year undergraduate at Designakademie Rostock in Germany majoring in Game Design, and boasts fluency in both English and German. His favorite games include the Soulsborne series and Hollow Knight.

Rachel Liu
Character Artist

Rachel is a trilingual artist and student studying Illustration, Japanese, and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. She specializes in character illustration, but also loves to gush about video game music in her free time. Rachel’s favorite franchises and games include the Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Final Fantasy.

Emily Keohane
Character Artist

Emily is an experienced 2D character designer with extensive Photoshop and animation experience. She teaches digital design and loves boardgames and playing guitar. Emily's favorite comics include Tank Girl and Orc Stain; she especially loves playing the Fallout, Borderlands, and Mario Kart series.

William Lajousky
Character Artist

William is an artist with a love for science fiction; his focus lies on streamlined designs and anatomical art. William graduated with a Studio Art major from CSU Long Beach and is extremely knowledgeable in mythology and history. His favorite games range from Duke Nukem to the Total Warhammer series.

Rachel Riedel
Character Artist

Rachel is a motivated concept artist with numerous different skillsets. She is currently a senior at CSU Fullerton double majoring in Illustration and Entertainment Arts/Animation. Rachel loves story-driven games and particularly loves Bravely Default, Persona 5, and Life is Strange. She also has a passion for Dungeons & Dragons.

Brian LaGuardia
Lead Composer

Brian is a seasoned composer, arranger, and percussionist that graduated from the Thorton School of Music four years ago. He is writing an arrangement for the Colorado Symphony, and has a passion for indie games like Hellblade, Braid, and Portal. Brian also loves Super Smash Brothers, and has been hooked on Ultimate these last few months.

Mikkel Cloud

Mikkel Cloud is a duo of superb musicians with a great love for composition and video games. Jaren and Whittney both graduated from Cal State Long Beach and have extensive experience working with numerous instruments and genres, teaching, and marketing. The engaged duo are big on RPGs and indie titles like Chrono Trigger, Bloodborne, and Demon Souls.

Robert Mullis

Robert is an energetic composer that recently graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Philosophy. He has been writing music since 15, and has been in love with video game scoring after hearing the FF VII soundtrack. Robert also does have a love for horror and the Silent Hill series, and is currently engrossed with everything about Persona 5.

Daniel Varivoda
Business Developer

Daniel is a math genius that has experience with web development, database management, data entry, and accounting. He studies Economics and Cognitive Science at UCLA and is currently the man in charge of the business side of Rice Games. He enjoys playing Overwatch and party games, and has been playing Fortnite and 2K19 lately. Daniel is Pi Kappa Phi (ΠΚΦ)’s secretary, and also has experience with budget assessment.

Charlie Tang
Marketing Analyst

Charlie is a bilingual (Mandarin & English) specialist in data analysis and customer insights. He is currently majoring in Political Science and minoring in Entrepreneurship at UCLA. Charlie loves games with deep stories, intriguing mysteries, and rich backgrounds, and is working in close proximity with Julian to design an eye-popping project. Charlie is skilled at East Asian calligraphy, often practicing with thousands of Chinese characters.

Priam Chaganlal
Operations Manager

Priam is a Pre-Med UCLA student with an aptitude for mental math and the sciences. His proficiency with Microsoft Excel, excellent communication skills, and experience working with manufacturers in Yiwu, China, help save time and establish important connections with numerous third party companies. Priam indulges in sports video games (2K, Madden, Fifa) on the weekends, loves playing stimulating games, and is a big fan of Shark Tank.

Banri Miyazawa
Localization Manager

Banri is an East Asian languages specialist who is fluent in English, Japanese, and Mandarin, and is a third year UCLA student studying Sociology. He feels that the connection between people and language is crucial, and works on translations to further understand and appreciate the underlying nuances between Eastern and Western languages. Banri enjoys action-packed games like Knives Out, the Smash series, and Mario Kart.

Shigehito Menjo

Shigehito Menjo is a experienced professor at UCLA with 10 years of college level teaching experience, ranging from Japanese, ESL, and applied linguistics. He obtained his M.A in Japanese Linguistics and Pedagogy (2008) and has recently obtained a PhD in English/Applied Linguistics at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Menjo is enthusiastic to work as an advisor with a video game company that is looking to teach people Japanese through a video game. During his free time, Menjo rides his motorcycle, listens to hard rock and heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Megadeath, Judas Priest, etc.), and reads biographical, historical, and second language acquisition books and articles.

Meet the Interns

Our summer interns went through three months of assessments, interviews, and anxious waiting and have been hand selected to be part of the team! Expect big things from these amazing interns!

Amanda Trang
Summer Intern
Focus: TBD

Amanda is a programming intern with extensive game development experience, and is an incoming Masters student studying Computer Engineering at Cornell University. During her time as an undergraduate at Cornell, she interned at NASA, received an award for her team’s indie game submission, and plenty more. Amanda enjoys Kingdom Hearts and Dishonored in particular.

Daniel Paddock
Summer Intern
Focus: TBD

Daniel is a programming intern skilled at shell scripting and designing games using Unity and Unreal Engine. He is currently a student studying Computer Science, Game Design, and Game Studies at the University of Delaware. Daniel’s hobbies include horror movies and playing games like Stardew Valley, Overwatch, and Red Dead Redemption.

Michelle Wan
Summer Intern
Focus: TBD

Michelle is a programming intern and talented artist studying computer science at Stanford University. She is skilled at writing clean code and has made a mobile game maker and simulator using Android Studios, as well as doing commissioned artwork for Twitch streamers. Michelle is a huge fan of the Tales of Series.

Isaac Brinkman
Summer Intern
Focus: TBD

Isaac is a programming intern skilled with both Unity2d and Unity3d, and is currently a student at St. Lawrence University. His highlighted projects include a 2D platformer and 2D and 3D implementations of Bomberman. Isaac enjoys swimming as a pastime, and his favorite series include Monster Hunter and Fallout.

Nikhil Bopardikar
Summer Intern
Focus: TBD

Nikhil is a programming intern studying Business, Marketing, and Computing at the University of Texas at Austin. He has used deep learning to implement an agent that beats Super Mario Bros 1-1, as well as developed a 2D fighting game using Phaser. Nikhil’s favorite games include Smash Melee, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and LoZ: BoTW.

We can only expand - wait and see what Rice Games has to offer in 2019.